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In addition to holding the title of being home to the world's (almost) largest flea market, we'd bet Brownville could also easily claim that of most community organizations per capita. If you're looking for a way to get involved, you've come to the right place. 

Brownville Village Theatre

The mission of the Brownville Village Theatre is to provide quality theatre in historic Brownville, Nebraska and nearby communities while giving opportunities to young theatre artists both locally and nationally to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of our audience.

Brownville Community Foundation

Leave a lasting legacy with a donation to the Brownville Community Endowment Fund. The mission of the Brownville Community Endowment Fund is to facilitate the charitable interests of donors which enhance the historical, cultural, environmental, educational and recreational objectives of the Brownville Community.

Brownville Educational Center for Arts & Humanities

An art collection of vernacular expressions and creations reflecting the human spirit and passion of common folk—celebrating the diverse and universal traditions of life’s experiences, ceremony and rituals

Brownville Fine Arts Association

The Brownville Fine Arts Association strives to promote the visual and performing arts and pledges to weave them into Brownville’s historically and culturally rich setting. We also recognize the gratifying beauty in nature and the outdoors. We endeavor to maintain a place for those who wish to develop the creative process, expand aesthetic appreciation, and derive new meaning and understanding from the arts and nature.

Brownville Concert Series

The mission of the Concert Series is to bring professional live performance to a rural, underserved area of Nebraska. The program is varied and includes classical instrumental, Cabaret performances based on the American Songbook, Jazz (instrumental and vocal), Rock and Roll, Bluegrass, Vocal Recital, Opera and a specially commissioned Christmas Gala. The series presents 10 to 11 events each year. The mission has an added dimension in that the artists who participate are only those who have significant national or international reputations, are leaders in their field of music or, if young and unknown, have won important international auditions. Each performer is required to conduct a student or community outreach event as part of their contract. This may include visits to schools, churches, nursing homes, etc. and free master classes or music workshops.

Riverside Park

Volunteers welcome to assist with park upkeep.

Contact: Terry Vice

Brownville Historical Society

We preserve, protect and share southeast Nebraska history. The Brownville Historical Society began in December 1956 with the express purpose of maintaining the historical heritage, the landmarks and the picturesque buildings of Brownville. Museums hold the artifacts of life in early Nebraska and the Society maintains these properties.

Captain Meriwether Lewis Foundation

Built by the Marietta Manufacturing Company in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Captain Meriwether Lewis was launched on December 12, 1931 while only half-complete by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps completed construction the following year.

Steamboat Trace Association

The Steamboat Trace Association is an organization that provides various support for the trail, including planning activities.

Contact: Steve Woerth

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